Dental Implant BenefitsReconstructive and Implant Dentistry
What is a beautiful, confident smile worth? How do you measure the joys found in rediscovering the taste of a tart, juicy apple, or in speaking distinctly, being free of pain, or brushing your teeth in your mouth again? What about the simple pleasure of not taking your teeth out and leaving them on the nightstand when you go to bed?

Only you can decide.

We want to always keep you informed of the most ground breaking dental care available in dentistry today. That is why Dr. Flipse has incorporated dental implants into his Murfreesboro dental practice. Dental implants have become a very popular remedy for the inconvenience and embarrassment caused by missing teeth, removable partials, and dentures.

An important goal of Dr. Flipse is to offer our patients the most innovative and successful implant therapy that is available. This includes a high quality, and comprehensive approach to dental implant therapy. Whether replacing a single tooth, replacing an arch with implant supported dentures, or utilizing fixed bridge work, implants offer realistic function and appearance which rivals that of natural teeth.

The many benefits available from implant dentistry are the result of decades of success with thousands of patients. Did you know that dental implants actually improve your dental health outlook? They provide you with teeth that have a secure foundation, enabling you once again to chew the foods you like and improve your nutrition. Implants also aid in the prevention of bone loss and deterioration.

Other physical considerations are improved appearance and speech, and elimination of discomfort caused by missing teeth or dentures. Dental implants restore a lot more than just teeth. They can produce significant psychological and emotional benefits as well, bolstering self-esteem and confidence, while promoting a healthier, more robust outlook on life.

In short, dental implants improve people’s lives!

Because implants provide the look, feel, comfort and convenience of natural teeth, many individuals have made this investment in improving their lives. Best of all, the benefits of dental implants are within your reach in a few short months. Murfreesboro dentist, Dr. Walter Flipse, with over three decades of experience and expertise in dental implant therapy, can advise you on the most appropriate alternatives available to you through implant dentistry.

If you are missing one or more teeth, you share a problem with over 100 million other Americans. Thanks to advances in dental technology, you can also share in a common solution… Dental Implants.

These people are just like you: teenagers who have lost teeth in sport injuries or accidents; adults missing one, a few, or even all of their teeth; denture wearers of any age. Feel free to explore our site where you will see pictures of actual patients that have been treated and restored with dental implant therapy.

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