Dental ImplantsReconstructive and Implant Dentistry
It is our intention to provide for your dental health as thoroughly and as efficiently as possible. We believe that service to our patients is at its best when there is a complete mutual understanding and cooperation.

When patients visit our office they can expect a complete dental examination which includes a thorough visual examination, all necessary x-rays, and diagnostic impressions if they are indicated. Only in this way can we be assured to direct our patients to the finest possible oral health for their investment in dentistry.

In the best interest of our patients, we want to always keep them informed of the most excellent dental care possible in dentistry today. That is why Dr. Flipse has incorporated dental implants into his practice. Dental implants have become a very popular remedy for the inconvenience and embarrassment caused by removable partials and dentures.

Because implants provide the look, feel, comfort and convenience of natural teeth, many individuals have made this investment in improving their lives.

If implants are something that you might be interested in, please give our office a call at (615) 893-8771. Dr. Flipse and his staff would be happy to answer any questions or schedule an appointment.