JoanI called Implant and General Dentistry of Middle Tennessee after seeing one of their commercials for dental implant therapy on TV. After having prosthesis for many years, the bone in my jaw had begun shrinking. I decided that I wanted to spend my twilight years enjoying life, eating my favorite foods, and I was ready for a change. I am so pleased with my results from implant therapy. To me, my smile is worth every single penny that I have paid, and I would do it all over again. Thank you.

— Joan H

I would highly recommend anyone to your office.
When I first started going to your office to start the implant, I did have some trepidation. I have had a LOT of dental work in my lifetime but have never had an implant. But after I saw the video in the office explaining everything and then viewing the procedures, etc., on the computer from my home, I felt better about having the implant.

I think the hardest part for me, was the time it took from start to finish. In our world today of instant gratification, we want everything done right now. I had to realize that this type of dental procedure DOES take awhile and I had to be patient. After I worked that out in my head, I just took it in stride and enjoyed my visits to your office and talking with the staff as I had things done. The other benefit to me was doing some shopping while I was in Murfreesboro. Since I live in a small town now, going to Murfreesboro to your office was a treat because I knew I could do some shopping while I was there!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in your office for all they did for me and the kindness they showed me. Everyone does a fantastic job and I would highly recommend anyone to your office. The staff is very professional and friendly and they put me at ease.

— Joy R

Worth a Million Dollars!
I lost all of my teeth when I was just 25 years old. And I spent the next 25 years wearing dentures that never fit and caused me so much pain and discomfort that they kept me from enjoying a lot of the little things in life. There are just some delicious foods that you can’t enjoy when you are constantly worrying about your teeth staying in your mouth when you bite down. With their expertise, I now have an implant supported Overdenture that allows me to eat anything that I want without worry or pain. I am so thankful to have secure teeth in my mouth, I couldn’t be happier! In my opinion, it’s worth at least a million dollars to keep your teeth, and because of implant therapy, I was able to have mine back for just a tiny fraction of that cost. I tell anyone who asks that I would do this all over again because it is worth it.

— Desi M

I recommend dental implants to everyone
My teeth have given me problems most of my life until my dentist recommended seeing Implant and General Dentistry of Middle Tennessee. My first visit made me feel very comfortable and very welcome. The staff made me feel like old friends and showed interest in me and my problems. The doctor welcomed me with a smile and after his examination, he explained in detail what he could do for me. His knowledge, confidence, and willingness to help me made me feel very confident that I had found the right dentist. I am very proud to be considered one of his best patients. After having painless implants over the past few years, I consider his staff my friends. I recommend this office to friends of mine who have problems as I had. I still thank my former dentist for his help.

— Hazel H

I can confidently eat anything I want
People don’t realize that when they loose all their teeth, the jaw bone starts to deteriorate. However with implants, they help to maintain the strength of the jawbone. The Alabama Overdenture holds the implants in place so that the screws don’t pop off. The invention of the Alabama Overdenture has made a major difference in my life. I am now able to eat whatever I want and I truly believe you are what you eat.

— Donald T

An Excellent Job!
Doctor and his staff have always made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I have been very pleased with the work that the doctor has done on my teeth, and I often get comments on my “nice smile” or “pretty teeth.” I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who is thinking about getting dental work done or is simply looking for a good general dentist because I know from experience that the doctor and his staff do an excellent job!

— Erika M

Keeps me Smiling
After visiting several other doctors for my dental issues, I finally found myself at this office. I have been impressed with their professionalism and caring manner ever since my first visit in 1995. With help through implant therapy, I am able to eat everything I desire and can smile confidently. In fact, the doctor and his staff have kept me smiling for over 15 years and counting!

— Barbara S

I Would do it again
I began seeing this office in 1994 on a personal recommendation from a family member in the dental field. Over the years, I have had extensive dental work including crowns and implant supported bridgework to improve my dental health. I am so pleased with the outcome of my implant therapy: I can eat anything that I want, and I never have to worry about my teeth. Given the choice, I would choose dental implant therapy with this office all over again.

— Edna R

No More Canker Sores!
I had dental implants done in 1990. I was told by another doctor that I wasn’t a good candidate for this procedure. But through the doctor’s expertise, I was able to have them done. Since having my implants, I have had absolutely no problems. NO MORE CANKER SORES!! NO LOOSE FITTING TEETH!! I highly recommend this procedure and this office.

— Ronnie L

My experience in your office was superb.
I am highly recommending your office to all of my family, friends and everyone that visits this website. My experience in your office was superb. Your staff was friendly and efficient. My implant was the easiest most pain free I have ever experienced. When my crown was placed, it felt so natural, no adjustments, perfect color! Coming to your office has been an absolute delight.

— T. Carla N